About Us

Mission Statement

At Business Buyers UK, our mission is to empower aspiring business buyers, entrepreneurs, and investors with the knowledge, tools, and network needed to navigate the complex world of business acquisitions successfully. We are committed to simplifying the acquisition process, providing access to comprehensive data and resources, and fostering a community of collaboration and learning. Our goal is to revolutionise the business acquisition landscape, making it accessible, efficient, and rewarding for all participants, from first-time buyers to seasoned investors. We believe that informed decision-making and strategic connections are the cornerstones of success, and we’re dedicated to helping our users achieve their business ownership dreams.

Our Story

Deal Makers traces its origins back to the Business Buyers Network, a vibrant LinkedIn group boasting over 1.2k members, all united by a shared purpose: to help business buyers discover opportunities and navigate the end-to-end buying and selling journey. It was within this dynamic community that the seeds of Deal Makers were sown.

The visionary behind this transformative journey is none other than Jeff Smith, whose boundless expertise and passion for business acquisitions ignited the spark. Jeff recognized the need for a comprehensive platform that would empower aspiring entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, and business enthusiasts to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of business acquisitions.

Alongside Jeff, Mark O’Callaghan, a seasoned Sales Director with a penchant for forging successful partnerships, embraced the vision. Together, they embarked on a mission to revolutionise the way businesses change hands in the UK.

Fueling our journey are investors and industry experts who share our passion for empowerment:

Jeff Smith

Jeff Smith is a seasoned expert in the world of business acquisitions. With over four decades of hands-on experience founding, funding, buying, and selling financial services businesses, Jeff has garnered an unparalleled wealth of knowledge. He brings this vast expertise to the forefront as the guiding force behind Business Buyers UK. His commitment to empowering entrepreneurs, investors, and agents to excel in the dynamic realm of business acquisitions is unwavering. Through insightful training, impactful events, and strategic business connections, Jeff Smith leads the charge in providing invaluable support and expertise to those navigating the acquisition journey.

Mark O'Callaghan

Mark O’Callaghan is a dedicated director with a passion for facilitating success in the world of business acquisitions. His extensive background in customer relationship management, acquisitions, business management, and operations management equips him with the skills and knowledge needed to support individuals and organizations on their acquisition journeys. As a director at Business Buyers UK, Mark plays a pivotal role in helping entrepreneurs, investors, and agents thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of business acquisitions. Through his commitment to providing insightful guidance, organizing impactful events, and fostering strategic connections, Mark contributes significantly to the success of those seeking to excel in the acquisition arena.

John May

A professional director and chartered accountant with a broad spectrum of experience, including tech, mining, oil and gas, and engineering. His altruistic interests in supporting micro and small businesses, along with his extensive financial expertise, make him an invaluable addition to our team.

Tweedie Brown

As Chairman of Climate Change Ventures, Tweedie brings a wealth of experience in climate-focused financial services. His commitment to projects combating climate change and promoting circular economy solutions aligns perfectly with our mission.

Stuart Adam

An experienced Senior Partner in the financial services industry, Stuart brings expertise in securities, mergers and acquisitions, corporate governance, risk management, and corporate finance. His insights and strategic acumen are pivotal in shaping our journey.

Chris Rogers

With over 19 years of experience, Chris specializes in helping SMEs harness rapid product development, prototype creation, and defining effective technology strategies. His track record of delivering successful solutions across various industries positions him as a valuable asset in our pursuit of empowering businesses.

Together, we stand united in our commitment to providing a transformative platform that empowers entrepreneurs, investors, and agents to thrive in the dynamic world of business acquisitions. We believe that every acquisition journey should be a success story in the making, and we’re here to make it happen.

Join us on this empowering journey, and let’s redefine the future of business acquisitions together.


Jeff Smith
Founder & Visionary

Jeff Smith, the driving force behind Deal Makers, brings over four decades of experience in founding, funding, and managing businesses in the financial services sector. With eight successful startups under his belt, he has raised £24 million in capital and secured £300 million in debt financing. As a consultant advisor, he has worked with institutions such as NatWest Markets and large private equity funds. Jeff’s expertise extends to debt refinancing and securitization of assets valued at hundreds of millions of pounds. With 30 years as a CEO in SME and consumer finance, Jeff offers invaluable insights and leadership. Join him on this transformative journey to revolutionise business acquisitions in the UK.

David Little
Partner at Bishop & Sewell

David is a seasoned Corporate/Commercial partner specialising in business acquisitions, fundraising, company law, and secretarial affairs. His expertise extends to advising tech startups, joint ventures, LLPs, and partnerships. With a diverse portfolio, he’s well-versed in corporate transactions spanning various sectors like technology, marketing, media, sports, leisure, and professional services. David has played pivotal roles in high-profile transactions, acquisitions, joint ventures, and disposals.

Paul Glynn
Sandler Training UK

Paul brings over 14 years of experience aiding businesses and professionals in achieving rapid, consistent growth in revenue, sales, and profitability. As an expert in high-level negotiation, he employs Sandler’s time-tested, counterintuitive approach to empower you and your business. If you seek support, processes, and tools to excel, we’re here to assist.

Ken Gorman
MD at Transworld M&A UK

Ken Gorman is a Managing Director and sell-side Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor with Transworld M&A UK. Transworld are the largest sell side advisory for small businesses (under £50M) in the world with 250 offices worldwide (15 UK) with over $1.5B in business sales last year. Ken was Previously a qualified Accountant with Ernst & Young and is the author of ‘Selling Your Business’ a quick reference guide.

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